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Our Story

 Lucia- means glowing with.

ByLucia is an Australian designed jewellery brand created with the intention to inspire others, build confidence, be a reminder that we have all we need inside of ourselves and encourage people to make all their dreams reality. 
Our pieces connect the wearer to their truest selves and encourage manifestation magic incorporating crystals and meaning behind every design. 
About Founder Teneille
Teneille is a Melbourne girl who's been in the fashion/style industry for over 15years. She says "After going through my twenties and struggling with self worth issues and life's challenges this was when I connected deeper to my spiritual side and realised the depth of who I am and what I had to offer in this world. From this experience, I created ByLucia."
"From what I learnt through that chapter I felt I needed to share the message and how Crystals and Manifestation helped me. People need to know that they have all they need inside of them and I hope they feel encourage to see the bright energy they have within."
Our ByLucia collections will encourage you to connect to your intention and will help lead you deeper into your truest self and guide you to glow and radiate with positive energies of love and confidence you already have inside you.
Each piece has been designed by Teneille, crafted with specific crystal stones to support each important area of our lives.
The jewellery has been specially made to withstand water, perfume and lotions. Teneille says " I Especially wanted the pieces to be crafted in a way you can wear them without any hesitation"
Combining Teneille's experience in fashion and style with her spirituality journey, the designs you’ll find at ByLucia are unique pieces that have been crafted with a timeless sense of style. The dainty jewels are crafted with crystals as crystals radiate strongest when worn.
Words from Teneille "Crystals have played a massive part in my self development, love life, business success and so much more. I have all the faith that they too can create a positive impact and energy shift for all those worn by them."
ByLucia is known for its elegance, spiritual connection and positive influence on those touched by the pieces.
"I hope you fall in love with the brand as much as the brand will guide you to faller deeper in love with yourself." with love Teneille